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Ways of Highly Successful Retail Manager

"22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers"

A DMSRetail Success Guide to Solve Retail Management Problems

Ways of Highly Successful Retail Manager

We wrote the story about the amazing success of a highly skilled retail manager early in 2008. Based on reader comments there were quite a few retail managers who were inspired by the story. And there were one or two who just didn’t believe it and they told us so in pretty harsh language. That’s unfortunate because the story is 100% true. It’s a story about a man who enjoyed a meteoric rise through the ranks of a prominent retail company under some pretty tough circumstances.

Anyway, that story in addition to other success stories we know started us thinking about just what it was that made some retail managers wildly successful while others kind of languished in the retail industry; never really making anything extraordinary happen and never moving up to where they were proud of their retail management position; those who are unable to put their stamp, or mark, on their work and, perhaps most importantly, never really reach their earning potential.

And that’s where the idea for 22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers came from. So it began…the research had to be done; the long, arduous task of drilling down through all of the details to uncover the ways of the highly successful, highly skilled retail manager. There were hours and hours of conversations about what worked and what didn’t; about trial and error; about the role that personality traits played in the success of these individuals; about the road blocks and challenges encountered along the way. We examined education, background, and ambition to mention just a few things.

Well, we finally got through it all and the results were enlightening. We found that there were many, many habits – or ways - these successful, highly skilled retail managers had in common. And the ways were so evident across the board that we just knew other retail managers would want to know what they were and how they, too, could cultivate these ways to become highly skilled and, thus, enjoy similar success.

A new Success Guide was born out of this study - 22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers – and it’s amazing. Any retail manager who wants to excel in the retail industry and become a ‘go to’ person, due to his/her success, needs to read it.

Unsolicited Customer Comment:

"22 Ways of the Highly Successful Retail Managers is proving itself priceless. I am using the book as a segmented management training tool – 22 weeks, 22 Monday management meetings. Each week we read and discuss a “Way” ; the book trains, challenges and chides each one of us .. a total departure from the perception of a weekly nagging owner meeting … shape up, sharpen up, increase revenues and increase profit margins - Basic advice, advanced advice and counsel, professionally packaged to challenge and benefit any store owner."

From the desk of Amanda Rosen, Retail Business Owner

Every so often a book comes along that really resonates with you; a book that you read with such intense interest that you don’t want to put it down. These books add value to your life because you actually take away something that can help you; something you suddenly realize that you have been waiting for, even though you didn’t necessarily know that you were waiting for it. But what a difference it makes. All at once you see through what’s been bothering you – even if it was just a little nagging doubt or thought about what you’re doing in your career. Well, 22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers is that book.

It’s the book that you will carry around with you for easy reference. It’s the one that will be ‘dog eared’ due to constant use; the one that you will tell others about. You’ll take excerpts out of the book and post them on your bulletin board, or maybe even your bathroom mirror, to help you remember a particular piece that really hits home with you.

This is the book that you will use when you have moved from being not only a highly skilled and successful retail manager yourself but to a mentor of someone else who wants to become as good as you are.

Table of Contents:

A Highly Successful Retail Manager:

Way 1.    Knows the Customer and Practices Exemplary Customer Service

Way 2.    Interviews, Hires and Trains for the Cause

Way 3.    Leads by Example

Way 4.    Motivates

Way 5.    Coaches Continuously

Way 6.    Manages Time Well

Way 7.    Communicates Well

Way 8.     Is Honest and Has Integrity

Way 9.     Is Accessible

Way 10.   Manages Performance

Way 11.   Mentors and Develops People

Way 12.   Praises and Rewards

Way 13.   Manages Up

Way 14.    Demands Operational Excellence

Way 15.    Promotes Growth

Way 16.    Networks

Way 17.    Is Energetic, Ambitious and Enthusiastic

Way 18.    Develops a Flair for Visual Merchandising

Way 19.    Ensures all Interactions are Productive

Way 20.    Works Hard for Results

Way 21.    Strives for Both Quality and Quantity

Way 22.    Takes Action


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Ways of Highly Successful Retail Manager

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