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How to Impress Customers:

Focus on Areas Where You are Better than Competition

Focus on at least one key benefit that you know compels customers to buy from you, sometimes referred to as differentiation, emphasize the point and clearly communicate it.

Treat your staff with extreme care and attention. Be aware that your treatment of staff usually translates into their treatment of the customers. Make sure there is a team in the store and everyone knows what is expected and what the objective is.

Listen to your customers. Always look for a feedback and suggestions for improvement; teach this skill to your staff as well.

Gaining new customers is about 5 times more difficult (or expensive) than maintaining your existing customers. Treat them like gold and reward the people who have higher percentage of return customers.

Test everything you do for effectiveness and take corrective action or change the process altogether. Never be satisfied with the status quo.

Last but not least, make sure everyone at the store understands that their paycheck is ultimately paid by the purchasing customers. Sounds straight forward but easy to forget.


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