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DMSRetail is a retail success company helping retailers achieve their goals and objectives through powerful, proprietary performance systems. offers information, success guides, training workshops, courses, tips, articles, software, and advice about retail management to help you become more successful.

Retail experts who contribute to understand your issues, challenges and opportunities. They have been, or still are, at various levels of retail management, from sales associate to CEO. Therefore, if you are in retail management, at any level, there is something here for you.

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Success Guides & Tools

Retail Success Collection

Retail Operations Management Workshop

Retail Brand & Category Management Workshop

Retail District Management Workshop

Store Management for Maximum Success Workshop

Retail Math & Analytics Workshop

Retail Design & Visual Merchandising

Retail Pharmacy Management Workshop

Telecom Retail Management Workshop

Retail Standards, Compliance & Execution

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Retail Training

Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course

Retail District Management YourTime Study Course

Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study Course

Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course

Retail Math Webinar

Best Practices Course

Retail Marketing

The Ultimate Retail Success Collection

Retail Success Accelerator

Super Retail Success Bundle


Retail Manager's Exclusive DVD Collection

Retail Success Choice

Winning at Store Management

Retail Math Made Simple

Managing for Higher Retail Success

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DMSRetail also has subject specific websites like:

Ultimate Retail Success Collection:

Store Performance Solution:

DMSRetail has a free newsletter, "RetailWise", published for retail managers that delivers articles on retail issues, retail training, retail management tips and advice. There is also a no charge advice service called "Dear Bobbie" to obtain a quick resolution to daily challenges you may encounter. We invite you to take advantage of these free services.

DMSRetail also offers a selection of Success Guides and Tools, available for purchase, to further your understanding of what makes a successful retail management career and to help you become an outstanding retail professional. These guides are full of practical advice and demonstrate how to run successful stores, districts and regions. They are written and illustrated by experienced retail experts who have been there and done it with great success. You can save a lot of money by buying the guides in bundles like Super Retail Success Bundle, Best Foot Forward Bundle or Starter Retail Success Bundle and ultimately, The Ultimate Retail Success Collection

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Retail Success

Most Comprehensive and Useful Retail Management Resource Site

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Retail Business Academy


Retail Management Training Programs:

The Retail Operations Management Workshop

Ultimate Retail Success ToolKit

Top rated 3-day Training Workshop for Retail Managers and Retail Business Owners who are interested in cutting edge information and advanced concepts like Performance Management and Business Intelligence applications in retail. Join us for 3 days of top retail management training and workshop to enlighten and energize yourself to perform at the leading edge and get superior results. This is one of the best investments you can make in your business, professional and personal development. Click below for more information and registration:

Go to "The Retail Operations Management" Workshop page

The Retail Brand & Category Management Workshop

Top Rated 3-Day Training Intensive on how to run the product side of your business for the best combination of superior customer experience, top profitability and maximum strategic and tactical efficiency.

Go to "The Retail Brand & Category Management" Workshop page

Best Practices for Managing a Multi-Unit Retail Operation

Retail Management Best Practices

If you own, or are in charge of, multiple stores this is the training program for you. You'll learn everything you need to know to make sure your stores are firing on all cylinders, creating synergy and achieving success levels you have not seen before.

Now you can get this quality training wherever you are!

Click below for more information and/or registration:

Best Practices for Managing a Multi-Unit Retail Operation

Retail Math Made Simple - Webinar

Live Presentation of everything you need to know about retail math, metrics, KPI’s and Balance Scorecards.

90 minutes dedicated to helping you understand the concepts and formulas.

All examples fully explained.

Practice while you learn.

Ask questions, listen and learn on your computer in the comfort of your own home or office.

      Retail Math Made Simple Webinar is useful for all levels of Retail Management, as well as for Suppliers of Retail.

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