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Motivate on the Fly:


For store/district/region managers and owner/managers there is a huge and ever present opportunity to motivate your people on the fly. This is the kind of motivation that comes from comments and recognition that are informal in nature. They are not necessarily expected by the recipients. These are the little things you can say and do every day that can have a huge impact. If done properly, motivation on the fly drives them to push for more, even if only temporarily. Generally speaking sustained motivation is best and you need to have a lot of different things in place to achieve that. See DMSRetail viewpoint article at


Do not underestimate the power of motivation on the fly even if it is temporary, because it does have a big impact on your results and morale.


How does it work? Well, let's just say you get mid-day sales reports and you see that someone, who has been having some difficulty reaching targets, is having better than average results that day. In fact, if they push a little harder, you believe they may reach the day's target. So, you praise them and challenge them and you get them excited about the possibilities. And they do even better. Then you publicly recognize them for the achievement. Clearly the motivational comments worked...on that day and in that particular instance. Temporary but fruitful.


You may say that's not good enough and you would be right if that's all you’ve got. But this is a fast and simple solution that does not cost you anything.  If you do enough of it to inspire people to moments of great achievement, perhaps they will start to self motivate (which, of course is what real motivation is all about) and their moments of great achievement may grow in to hours and days of great achievement.


So, motivate your people on the fly as often as you can - If it works, you get higher achievement, if it doesn't, you are no worse off.

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