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Flying Below the Radar

If you are a manager you must recognize that some of your subordinates are probably flying below the radar. Specifically, they are flying below your radar.

If your subordinates are Store Managers and are located in places that you cannot visit every day you can be assured that some of them are consciously flying below the radar.

Often, it is these managers that do their numbers or provide you with adequate explanations as to why they didn’t. They respond satisfactorily to all of your inquiries, never challenge your direction or instructions, don’t contact you to talk about their business and their issues and make a point of never ‘bothering’ you.

You may be very happy with these individuals because you have so many others that need your constant attention. But be wary of those flying below the radar. They are usually the ones who are not available when you call or drop in for an unscheduled visit. They may be burdening their staff with much of their own responsibility. They may be running a very shoddy looking store. Administrative tasks may be behind. In short, they don’t expect to be called out on any of these things because you won’t know…because they are flying below the radar.

Still others who are flying below the radar are running reasonable operations but are not engaged. Engagement would require much more time and effort than they are willing to give the job. They may be perfectly fine individuals but are not likely the ones who can really drive your business forward. They are willing to accept mediocrity and all of your passionate speeches fall on their deaf ears. Being passionate would indicate that they care enough to really invest themselves – and they don’t.

Sometimes, as a Regional or District Manager, you see these Store Managers as good, low maintenance, responsible employees who are out there working as they should. That gives you the comfort to leave them alone and focus most of your attention on the others. Occasionally you will be right in thinking that way. But beware because, often, Store Managers who are flying below the radar are not taking you where you need to go.

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