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Hiring Right in Retail - Half the Battle

Hiring the right caliber of people is crucial to your success in retail management, perhaps more so than in any other industry. Every one of your hiring decisions, as a Store Manager, District Manager or Regional Manager will speak volumes about your organization and your personal values and abilities.

In retail there is no such thing as hiding behind a desk or a cubicle for any employee and, thus, for their Manager. Every time a ‘bad’ hire shows up for work you are putting yourself and your organization at risk of being perceived negatively.

Try to imagine how your customers feel when they encounter an individual, representing your organization, who is improperly groomed or whose attire is inappropriate for your business. And that is just the first (although very important) impression.

It can get much worse once verbal interaction takes place. The individuals’ attitude and manner of speaking can turn a potential customer into a ‘lost sale’ so quickly you will not even know it happened.

Your ability to increase revenues and produce great ‘key indicator’ results is weakened by these individuals. You need to hire ‘Aces’ if you want to become a successful, well respected Manager.

If you are fortunate enough to have some aces working for you already, then you have a great advantage in the interviewing process. There is a lot of merit to examining the traits and behaviors of your top performers and then comparing candidates against those traits and behaviors.

This examination does not need to take on a life of its’ own. It does not need to be provided by your Head Office. In fact, it will be more relevant, for you, if you develop your own list of desirable traits and behaviors. Close observation, over a period of a week or two, is all that is needed.

It should be noted that any Manager may make a ‘bad’ hire every now and again. Perhaps the candidate was intent on deceiving the interviewer. Perhaps they did not present their true self during the interview.

Whatever the case, you may have ended up with an employee who is not suitable. There is only one thing you need to remember when this happens…fix it fast! Do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to try and make it right.

Don’t try to fit the ‘square peg into the round hole’.

Don’t beat yourself up for the mistake…it happens. Just fix it fast! You simply terminate the individual in accordance with your company policy and government legislation.

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