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Retail Sales Skills for Good and Bad Times

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(DMSRetail's Live & Interactive Retail Sales Skills Training Webinar)

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Module I - Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Module II - Thursday, May 4, 2017

"If you don't have a system for selling, you are at the mercy of customer's system for buying ". ( David Sandler)

“A Rolling stone gathers no moss” In retail this statement is translated into, “Always be training.”

Whether you are an individual or a large company, everything else being equal, the best way to improve your bottom line is to improve your top line.  Profitable sales are what drive ALL businesses and the retail business is front and center with this concept.

The top line sales figure works both horizontal and vertical in the success of Retail companies. Companies and Owners make more money when there is top line improvement. Regional and District managers make more money when there is top line improvement. Store Managers and Sales Associates make more money as well. The higher total sales numbers will create larger dollar budgets for advertising and other investments, creating a cycle of growth and prosperity.

DMSRetail's Retail Sales Training can give you an immediate return on investment by improving sales habits and disciplines. It provides new successful concepts, re-energizes age old retail sales techniques and is presented in an enlightening and enjoyable manner.Retail Sales Skills

DMSRetail's Retail Sales Training program will help you to close more sales at higher margins consistently, exceed past performance, increase customer satisfaction and retention. You and your company will become more efficient, stronger and more prepared to handle any rough waters that lie ahead.

We will teach you how to better discover and satisfy your customers needs, so that you can better apply the highly successful concept of solution based selling and steer away from the trap of price based selling.

Learn exclusive and rarely presented telephone (which is still arguably the most effective way to connect with your customer) technique training. It will cause a dramatic rise in store traffic, ultimately increase the number of closed sales and improve your phone sales numbers as well.

You will come to understand how to apply Positive Mental Attitude in a way that actually allows you to will your way to better sales, more sales, higher ticket average and more UPT (Units Per Transaction)Redirect energy away from the “Customers are tire kickers” attitude and toward embracing the “All who enter these doors shall buy” mentality.

After going through DMSRetail's Retail Sales Training program you will start to think, move, act and present yourself in the same way as highly successful retailers do.

DMSRetail's Retail Sales Training will actually take it one step better because your personality is one of a kind and this training allows you to apply yourself to these winning tactics and strategy.  

Come to understand both the concrete and intangible thinking that makes every day a profitable day, provided only by DMSRetail.

We are so certain that DMSRetail's Retail Sales Training will help that we priced it at a very reasonable $247 with the understanding that people will keep coming back for more inspiration!

Here is a story from one of our ‘Retail Selling Skills for Good and Bad Times’ Webinar participants. This individual is the owner of a ladies apparel store.

“When I got to the shop today the sales was 0, and it was already after 6 pm. (The shop is open from 10 am to 10 pm.) I felt very disappointed with the situation. I felt that there is a definite high mountain for me to climb for the store to do well.

I was unsure about practicing the sales skills you taught me so I felt nervous about the first few customers that came in while I was there. A girl came in and wanted to try a dress on a manequin that I just put up (which I put up because it was one of the bestsellers, following Matt's advice). My staff told her it's the last piece and left it at that, which made the girl uncomfortable. I stepped in to say we can definitely take it off for her to try, no qualms about that. She agreed to try it on and wanted to buy it. Her mother was getting ready to pay, and I knew I could suggest some add-ons, but at this point I was unsure about finding out about customers' needs and wants to suggest items to them so I didn't do much. However, when the girl's mother was paying for the dress, the girl was eyeing some tube tops on the display table and asked if we had any in her size. I asked if she preferred the black or grey one, and she said "Black. I like black". I took that as a big hint, and proceeded to suggest some 3-4 black tops for her to try. In the end, she bought 2 of the tops I suggested and the tube top she was eyeing. So in the end, instead of getting just one item that her mother had paid for already, she bought three more, 4 in total!

I was so encouraged I tried to approach other customers in a similar fashion, finding out their needs and wants, and I was surprised to find how specific some customers were, and how easily we would have lost the sale if we didn't suggest products to them (because they would've easily missed them).

There were also some 'almost there' sales. A lady wanted a 60s inspired top for a theme party but I thought to myself, "No, we don't have that, do we?" I had a look around anyway, and it turns out that we do have one and she loved it! Unfortunately even our biggest size couldn't accommodate her generous bust.

What I did notice was that those who didn't buy, like the lady looking for the 60s top, were significantly more appreciative of our efforts, and really meant their 'thank yous' when they left. My staff noticed what I was doing and was already trying to emulate me or help me with suggestions for the customers.

So when the store closed at 10 pm, the sale was $1100! Conversion was 21%. I am truly ecstatic and encouraged. I sure hope this is not a fluke day!

You asked me to email you to ask questions about what I'm not sure about, and right now I don't have any yet, but I'm sure I'll have one soon!

Thank you so much!”



Overview, goals and expectations.

Understand why people buy - “Wants versus Needs”.

Hierarchy of Effects Principle and the evolution of Sales in Retail

Discussion of Core and absolutely necessary Sales Skills

Sales Skills process with expert and proper application to get immediate results

Dissect a step by step process for each and every customer.

Are Customers harder to come by? Learn important Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy, methods and proper execution…keeping a customer for LIFE.

Experience an exclusive presentation regarding the proper use of the Telephone as a sales tool and the development of Telephone Talent.


Each Day - 1:00-4:00PM EST (6:00-9:00PM London, UK)


Module I

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Module II

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Overview, goals and expectations.

Understand why people buy

“Wants versus Needs”.

Hierarchy of Effects Principle and

the evolution of Sales in Retail

Break - 15 min.

Introduction to Core and

absolutely necessary Sales skills

Sales Skills process and its

expert and proper application


Process for each and every customer.

Are Customers harder to come by?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

strategy, methods and proper execution…

keeping a customer for LIFE.

Break - 15 min.

How to master the use of the Telephone

as a sales tool and

the development of Telephone Talent.



Individual only $247

Team Member Rate* only $227 (Save $20)

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*Team Rate applies to minimum 3 individuals from the same company

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or Toll Free: 1 (800) 595-6893 (US & Canada)

Registration deadline is 24 hours before each session. You will receive the login details soon after registration.

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