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10 Common Mistakes Retail Salespeople Make

1. Failing to build a rapport with the customer. From a simple greeting to a little chat about niceties, non-sales directed small talk go along way in developing an easier and more open mood in the customers.

2. Failing to find out customer's requirements.

3. Focusing on their own agenda instead of customer's.

4. Not giving customers the majority of the air time.

5. Confusing "telling" with "selling". Not listening or not hearing what customer is saying.

6. Not knowing the prevailing promotions, specials and regular pricing.

7. Not differentiating the product/service/store/company enough to create additional value in the mind of the customer.

8. Selling too fast, trying to close before the customer is ready to buy.

9. Fail to address objections properly not realizing that satisfactory resolution of the objections is the shortest distance to purchase.

10. Not taking advantage of add-on sales, as soon as the main purchase is done, which is when customer is most ready to entertain them.


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