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"Ultimate Retail Success Collection"

Dear Retail Management Professional:
Let's face it, achieving sales & profit targets day after day, month after month is tough!

But it is quite possible. And when you not only do that but multiply your results several times, how is that going to feel?

There is a methodical and scientific way to achieve this dream and sustain it for many years to come.

If you are interested, read on...
Every day you’re faced with challenges that include:

Missed Targets
Stock Outs
Wage Cost Not In Line
Employee Turnover
Lack of Employee Engagement, Enthusiasm, Motivation
Performance Management Issues
Not Understanding Technology

And Dozens More…


And while there are endless books, courses, and seminars you can take on management, most are NOT designed specifically for you – management of retail business. And, even if they are, they’re usually “lite” on REAL strategies to achieve your goals and therefore a waste of your time and money…


… Or, they’re not based in real life experience. Often they’re developed, and taught, by someone who isn’t and, has never, ever actually “lived retail” day in and day out like you!


But now there's good news…


Not too long ago, our highly acclaimed and world renowned Retail Management expert, Matt Parmaks along with a team of other dynamic retail management professionals, compiled all of their collective works into the Ultimate Retail Success Collection - a highly coveted resource many top retail management professionals are using to perfect their retail management skills.


And now YOU can discover…


The Right (and the Wrong) Way to Run a Retail Operation


This relatively new work called the Ultimate Retail Success Collection by DMSRetail is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to run a retail operation profitably... without squeezing the life out of old and tired methods and techniques!Ultimate Retail Success


Inside this magnificent work you'll get ideas, tips, advice and plans that will, literally, add hundreds of thousands of dollars, and more, to your revenue.


Pretty much everything any retailer would need to run a profitable operation.


Before you look into the details of this product, consider the following value proposition:


Let's assume you have a store or one of your stores doing only a million dollars a year. After implementing just a fraction of techniques given in the Ultimate Retail Success Collection, let's say you have increased business by 10%*. Again assuming you have a 40% Gross Margin, you will clear around $35,000 (conservatively, remember you have already paid for almost all expenses, this is coming from additional increase of 10%). Then the ROI for the Ultimate Retail Success ToolKit becomes:


ROI* of Ultimate Retail Success Collection = 35,000/3,000 = 11.67 or 1167%


Now, the next question becomes: "Is it going to work for me?" Why not take action and try it and see for yourself, if it does not, we will gladly return your investment back to you.

You may also be thinking that you have bought many books, programs and courses that are just sitting on shelves gathering dust. You should know that the creators of Ultimate Retail Success Collection are all retail management practitioners and what they give you is fast actionable and heavy hitting advice that you can put into implementation immediately - which makes this Ultimate Retail Success Collection  a frequently used resource, and you can implement as you go - you don't need to study the whole thing at once.

Our bet is that the Ultimate Retail Success Collection will not only inspire you - it will motivate you to act, to take action and to do something about growing your business.

The Ultimate Retail Success Collection is a combination of 6 high performance retail products packaged together to save you money and give you the tools you need to exceed your sales and profit targets. And, of course, there are extremely valuable bonuses!

You can get detailed information about each piece by clicking on their title


Retail Operations Management Course

Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course ($997)

The Ultimate Retail Success Bundle

What participants said about Retail Operations Workshop...

The Retail Operations Management Workshop provided by DMSRetail has exceeded expectations. The Program has provided me with new ideas and methods to getting the job done effectively. The delivery of the content and the use of examples and and scenarios was exceptional. I would definitely recommend this session to others within my company. You can consider me a "delighted customer".

R.S. Head of Retail, Digicell

"Once again, thank you for the training, I appreciate the learning I got from this workshop and look forward in pursuing other training sessions you might offer."
A. B. - Retail Strategy Consultant, Value Retail

"The Retail Operations Management Workshop has provided me with many very helpful ideas  on how to run a successful retail operation. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be successful in retail."
M.T. - Owner & CEO, Eagle Leather

"I recommend 'The Retail Operations Management Workshop' very highly  to others; as long as they are not the competition."
A.H. - Sales Manager, Harvey Nichols

"The DMSRetail Operations Management Workshop is a complete tool which would assist a retailer achieve the critical success factor essential to position your company above the competitive clutter and serve your customers better."
R.V. - Brand Manager, Sun & Sand Sports

"Again I would like to thank DMSRetail team for the precious time we had, it was really one of the best fruitful workshops I have ever attended."
J.A. - Retail Operations Manager, Bestseller

"Thanks for a wonderful Workshop, it has been time well invested. The work experience that instructors shared with us throughout the workshop was enriching and endorsed the quality of the teachings as well as its credibility."
C.D. - Operations Manager, Farmacias Los Hidalgos

"I rated this workshop as 'Excellent (5 out of 5)' because it helped me implement performance management in my retail operation with excellent results."
B.R. - Managing Partner, Avenue Trading

Very illuminating...Thought Provoking...Very Challenging.

A. L. B. - CEO - Above & Beyond

"I really enjoyed the workshop. Found it very interesting and learned a lot. I would come again. Met some great people. Dianne and Matt are wonderful."

C. Y. - Retail Operations Manager

"Thank you! Thank you! You have given me so much useful information to take back. I feel energized and excited to put a plan in place to get my numbers where I want them to be. I'll suggest that my other co-workers get the training/do the workshop"

C. H. - Retail Operations Manager - Unicomer Group

"Extremely informative workshop and I can't wait to implement ideas when I return. Excellent facilitation and I would highly recommend this course/workshop to "anyone" in any "position" in the retail world."

A.McA. - Retail Operations Manager - NWTel

"One of the best training I ever attended"

A.A. - Vice President, Operations - Nahdi Medical Company

"I think it was very enlightening and practical, the speed was good too. I was listening and constantly thinking how to use the tools in my company. Definitely worth it, thanks a lot."

A.R. - CEO - Just Kidding LLC.

"Thanks a lot for this amazing workshop. The amount of useful information is really unbelievable. Also the amount of real life examples and videos are incredible.

N.S.H. - Head of Retail - Heineken

"Great workshop packed with relevant information to learn from and implement throughout all areas of our business. Would highly recommend this to any retail operations / retail management professional."

B.C. - Head of Operations - AdventureHQ

"In these 3 days my mind about retail management has increased ten fold. I took the most out of the KPI's, metrics, store and staff development programmes...which I will be implementing. Great Workshop!"

G-L.S. - Regional Manager - AdventureHQ

"A very informative and relevant workshop. Excellent material. All subject matters easy to understand and can be easily applied to current operation. Informative and inspiring tutor. Overall Excellent Course!"

M.S. - Head of Retail - Ferrari World

Information, knowledge and insights galore...

If you want to gain all of the information, knowledge and insights from Senior Consultants of DMSRetail - all of whom have been there and done it with great success, without spending the time and money to attend the three day workshop, then this exclusive money-saving offer is for you.

This is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn from the comfort of your home or office at your convenience, and build your retail management training library, while saving a lot of money!

Retail Brand and Category Management

Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course:

8 DVD Set

Working Materials:

Action Strategies Guide & Workbook

Maximum Performance Goal Planner

Multiple Intelligences Workbook and Questionnaire

Leadership Workbook and Questionnaire

Special Bonus:

The Store Management Process and it's application on DVD - a blueprint developed by DMSRetail Inc


Retail Brand & Category Management Course

Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study Course ($1,297)

"In the 21st century, branding ultimately will be the only unique differentiator between companies. Brand equity is now a key asset."

Fortune Magazine

"Category Management is a process that involves managing product categories as business units and customizing them (on a store by store basis) to satisfy customer needs."


To capitalize on trends and manage your product categories to achieve outstanding results, you need real methods, plans and tactics specifically designed for that purpose.

Fortunately, they're all included in our Retail Brand & Category Management Workshop.

Retail Brand and Category Management

We realize that, at this point, you might be wondering what some of our past attendees have to say about the Retail Brand & Category Management Workshop, so here you go:

"An extensive workshop on Brand & Category Management covering all aspects of branding in a retail environment, a must for all retailers."

"Very interesting and useful training. Materials are excellent. The Instructors were very smooth in explaining the course; really very professional with strong experience. I would like to have more training with DMSRetail."

"Simply everything was great...the venue, atmosphere, workshop agenda, etc. The Instructors were great, passionate, helpful."

"Excellent training, to the point, material is great (slides, videos, etc.) It's a very interactive workshop. The trainers are excellent."

"Very useful, knowledgeable training. Great group interaction, excellent venue selection."

"The content is really rich, presenters are experienced and able to deliver and explain the points."

"I think everything was great. The instructors were very professional and well prepared."

"Everything was perfect. The training topic was great and added value to me. I hope to enjoy similar training in the near future."

"Course was very organized; materials were very goodand professional. Instructors were excellent."

"Going back with a lot of ideas to implement wherever possible."

If you want to gain all of the information, knowledge and insights from Senior Consultants of DMSRetail, who have been there and done it with great success, without investing the block of time and money to attend the three day workshop, then this offer is definitely for you.

Retail Brand and Category Management

Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study Course:

·      5 DVD Set

Working Materials:

Retail Brand Positioning Workbook

Handbook of Brand Mantras

Inventory Planning Workbook

Space Planning & Optimization Workbook

Special Bonus:

New Technologies for Retail Marketing on DVD

          Mobile Marketing

          Social Networking

          Local Search

          Digital Signage

          QR Code



Retail District Management YourTime Study Course Header

Retail District Management YourTime Study Course ($497)

A Retail District Manager can have a +/- 20% impact on your business. That's a lot of influence! To reach the top level of this sphere of influence you need real Action Strategies for Retail District Management Success and they're all included in our Retail District Management Workshop YourTime Study Course.

The Ultimate Retail Success Bundle

At this point you might be wondering what some of our past attendees have to say about the Retail District Management Workshop (Same content as the YourTime Study Course), so here you go:

"Illuminating, challenging and entertaining" Amanda R., Retail Business Owner

"Very good information, gave many tools to be a very successful DM." Leland W., District Manager

"It was informative on key pieces of the DM role." Alissa B., Corporate Trainer

"Great! Felt, after an hour on the first day, that it was well worth my time away from the store." Kim H., Sr. Store Manager

"I think this class has made me a better DM. I can put a lot of the systems I saw into play in my stores." Calvin D., District Manager

Please Note: This is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn from the comfort of your home or office, at your convenience, while saving a lot of money!

Retail Brand and Category Management

Retail District Management YourTime Study Course:

   · 6 DVD Set

Working Materials:

Action Strategies Guide & Workbook

Maximum Performance Goal Planner

Special Bonus:

The Store Management Process on DVD - a blueprint developed by DMSRetail Inc


Store Operations for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course Header

Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course ($397)

There's no denying that a Retail Store Manager has a huge impact on the profitability of the store. In fact, the ability of the Store Manager is the single, biggest success factor when it comes to profitable retail store operations.

To reach the top, and to be considered a 'Highly Successful Retail Manager', a Store Manager needs real Action Strategies for Retail Store Management Success and they're all included in our Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course.

You probably already know that DMSRetail Inc. offers the two day Store Management for Maximum Success Workshop in locations around the world. If not, you'll find the actual workshop program outline here: http://www.dmsretail.com/retailoperationstraining.htm

But we've heard that many of our customers can't attend due to hectic schedules and/or prohibitive costs and travel related expenses.

Does that sound like you? Can't attend? Just can't ever seem to get away?

Please read on for the exciting news.

We've solved that problem, for you, with the newest in our series of YourTime Study Courses!

DMSRetail Inc. is providing Action Strategies for Store Management Success by introducing …

Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course

Now you can have access to this great learning experience.. anywhere...and at any time you choose

Information about the content....

You'll get these DVD's and related Study Guides and materials:

1.) Retail Math, Metrics, KPI's & Balanced Scorecards

2.) Leadership for Peak Performance

3.) Customer Value Management

4.) The Store Management Process

You get an Action Strategies Study Guide, including practical exercises, and a Maximum Performance Goal Planner to record your goals and progress!

You’ll also receive these two bonuses, electronically, for you to use over and over in the months and years ahead...

Retail Employee Evaluation System ‘I Succeed’

DMSRetailerthe Organizer/Planner designed specifically for the busy Store Manager.

Now for some details of the topics that are covered in the 4 DVD set:

Managing by the numbers - you'll learn how to stay fully informed about the financial aspect of your business and what you can do to have a positive impact on the numbers...

6 Pillars of Retail – how the pillars came to be, and the brand new and very important pillar.

Definition and explanation of terminology used in Retail Math – all of the terms and what they mean.

Key Performance Indicators- what to measure to stay on top of the performance in your store, how to make the calculations and how to interpret the results so you can take action; what actions you can take based on the results. Be informed and speak intelligently about the business.

Commonly Used Formulas – formulas that are used in retail math and in business in general.

Open-to-Buy & Sell-Thru Scenarios – a basic understanding of OTB/Sell-Thru.

Store Operating Statement (P&L Statement)- what this statement is all about; how to read it and make sense of it so you can begin to take actions to improve it.

Balanced Scorecards and Their Implementation in Retail Management – the importance of this very powerful and easy to use management tool; how to create Balanced Scorecards for any position. Summarize the most important KPI's on one page – right at your fingertips - while considering all angles of your retail operation: Financial, Customer, Processes and Growth & Development

And, then, there's...

The Store Manager's Keys to Success...get these right…sky is the limit!

Hiring Right – Interviewing Sales Associates

Effective Retail Sales Management

Productive Staff Meetings

Non-Monetary Rewards

Performance Management and Coaching for Results

Building and leading a High Performance Team

Top 5 Factors that Determine the Success of Retail Operations

And, no Store Management program would be complete without...

Customer Focus at the Front Lines...beyond the current discussion about customer service!

Attributes of the truly 'Customer Friendly' Front Line Employee

Lifetime Value of your Customer

The Service – Profit Chain at Store Level

Do's and Don'ts of Customer Service for Maximum Loyalty and Profit

When you play your DVD's you'll see the same PowerPoint presentation that you would see if you were attending in person. And you'll hear the same content you would hear from the Senior Consultants who lead the actual workshops. If you have questions about anything being presented, you just send us an email, to the address we'll provide with your purchase. We have resources committed to you and we'll get an answer back to you promptly.

It's the next best thing to attending in person...without the scheduling difficulties and without the travel related expenses!


Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service YourTime  Study Course  ($197)

Retailers often have difficulty getting all of their people trained due to varied work schedules, hours of operation, time constraints and wage cost budget constraints as well. Perhaps high turnover rates cause some retailers to be reluctant to invest in their people. Whatever the case may be, with this YourTime Study Course, those difficulties and considerations are a thing of the past. Training can take place anytime, anywhere... and it's very affordable.

You don't have to send your Associates anywhere, or pay for things normally associated with training such as transportation, accommodation, meal expenses and extra wages to cover them while they're away.

All the trainee needs is a computer to watch and hear the presentation, on DVD, and the Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals Guide & Workbook. The training and studying can progress at a convenient pace.

Let's look at exactly what you get with DMSRetail's brand new...

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course:

A 3 DVD Set to watch and listen to wherever you choose and whenever it's convenient.
A Study Guide and Workbook to make notes and answer questions put forward during the presentation.
The Sales and Customer Service Associate's Framework for Success - A blueprint for your success.

And there's a Special bonus included in it...Retailer's Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons on DVD - one of our best selling guides to help Associates understand how and why people 'buy with emotion and justify with logic'. You will increase sales just with this alone!

Here are the 17 topics covered in this brand new YourTime Study Course...

Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty - Understanding the Service-Profit Chain

Commonly Used Key Performance Indicators - Not just the numbers, but what they mean & why retailers care about them!

The Sales Process - Includes all of the Selling Steps

The importance of, and difference between, Features & Benefits - with examples

Why it Pays to Have Top Notch Product Knowledge

How to Handle Multiple Customers Effortlessly - Too many customers? Never!

How to Treat Customers & Sell Add-ons at the Check Out - Increase every sale and leave a great last impression.

Dealing Effectively with Customer Complaints

Telephone Etiquette

Understanding the Lifetime Value of a Customer

Store Maintenance and Cleanliness Standards

Customer Service used as a Loss Prevention Technique

Proper Code of Conduct for Retail Employees-Some Associates may not know!

Punctuality, Reliability and Flexibility

Expectations of the Employer-What every employer has the right to expect.

Appearance - Dress Code and Grooming Standards-Work clothes don't belong in the bottom of a backpack, do they?

Deadly Sins of Customer Service - What you absolutely cannot do.

Absolutely everything your Associates need to know to get them fully engaged as enthusiastic partners - to ensure their success in the organization - is included in this YourTime Study Course. We provide the solid foundation on which to build more and more skills to benefit both the employee and the employer and, ultimately, your customer.

You know your people need to know all of this stuff and now you have the perfect way to get them what they need without any time investment on your part...

Just hand over this YourTime Study Course and let DMSRetail take care of the rest.


Super Retail Success Bundle

Super Retail Success Bundle ($297)

Here are some of the topics 8 Success Guides & Tools in the Super Retail Success Bundle Cover:

Best Practices in Retail Leadership - there are hundreds of these throughout the 1,000+ pages of the Super Retail Success Bundle. You will become the next retail operations management guru after absorbing all of these best practices.

Retail Selling Skills and Retail Sales Management - a lot of content in the Super Retail Success Bundle point to these two critical areas of your retail operation.

Advanced Retail Management Concepts - after going through the bundle a couple of times, and after you get the basics down pat, you'll want to come back and ponder some of the thought provoking ideas in Managing for Higher Retail Success.

Recruiting and Interviewing Skills - When it comes to hiring the right people and knowing what to ask to get meaningful information - it's all here in "Hiring Aces". This is something you can rely on to help you hire great people.

Appropriate Improvement Processes - this is where so many retail business owners and managers fall down. They simply can not find the best way to manage through the improvement process, resulting in continued employment of wrong (wrong for the job) individuals. This is not good for the business and not good for the individual.

Retail Staff and Management Training - with the Super Retail Success Bundle you'll come to understand what training is necessary, for whom, and when.

Exceptional Customer Service Strategies - what you should and should not do! Simple enough yet a very few gets it. Find out the 7 deadly sins of customer service...and a few more that may surprise you.

Setting Expectations and Goals for Staff - this alone, will get you a 20% increase in sales right off the bat. How do your people know when to stretch, when to pull out all the stops? They need to know what is expected of them crystal clearly with established targets and goals. They also need to know how they are progressing against the targets all the time.

Developing a Winning Performance Culture in Your Stores/Organization - winners don't have bad attitudes - you must instill and install a performance culture in your organization. Super Retail Success Bundle will show you how.

Employee Motivation Insights and Techniques - here's how to get your people to motivate themselves. Intrinsic motivation is the most powerful.

Retail Employee Performance and Skills Evaluation Tools - don't beat around the bush. Learn how to monitor and evaluate performance to work in favor of the business...the end result being improved and better motivated staff. I Succeed Retail Performance Evaluation System eliminates surprises.

Retail Math, Formulas and Explanations - Learn the lingo that successful retail managers speak, improve your knowledge level in this critical side of the business.

Retail Key Performance Indicators (KPI's): an in depth discussion of every one of the top KPI's to assist you in determining what you should be looking at every day and in what order.

What to Measure, How to Measure and How to Interpret the Results & Take Action

Organizing - Planning Techniques and Tools Specific to a Retail Environment - Running a retail business is unlike any other. Get the tool and the know how to schedule and achieve everything you have to get done.

Meeting Topics for Effective and Motivational Staff Meetings

Excellent Communications Methods- In-Store, H.O. or District/Region - letting things fall through the cracks, and dropping the ball in retail can spell disaster - learn how to keep on top of everything; keep everyone connected and accountable.

The Store Management Process Fully Explained

Managing with Integrity and Respect - Building your leadership persona that is effective and readily embraced by your people is half the battle for your success.

And More…

It’s a Step by Step Formula to Increase Your Sales by 20% in 6 Months or less!

The Ultimate Retail Success Bundle

Our customers have great things to say about the Super Retail Success Bundle…

“…it has motivated me to not accept being an average manager.”

John Philson, Store Manager

I love the services and products DMSRetail provides, because it gives me the much-needed direction so vital for the business, and to my knowledge no one else provides this kind of information.

Isma Hanum, Retail Business Owner

"The immediate impression I got was that they (the guides) are worth every penny."

Grace M.Munyirwa, Retail Business Owner

"Thank you so much. You have wonderful resources and I also enjoy your newsletter. Keep up the good work!"

Ken Cooper, Regional Manager

"I really enjoy reading every word of your books and the knowledge I gain has helped me develop in my role as DM. Thanks again."

Evan Haft, District Manager

"You guys have great products and they are very useful."

Chris Russell, Retail Operations Manager

Ultimate Retail Success

"Things You Learn After You Thought You Knew Everything!"

Here's the List of what you get with this amazing

"Ultimate Retail Success Collection":

1. Total of 29 YourTime Course DVD's

2. Retail Manager's Exclusive DVD Collection (8 DVD Set)

3. Action Strategies Guide & Workbook for each and every YourTime Study Course

4. Maximum Performance Planners for each and every YourTime Study Course

5. Multiple Intelligences Workbook & Questionnaire for Training Improvement

6. Leadership Workbook & Questionnaire

7. Total of 8 DMSRetail Success Guides that are included with the Super Retail Success Bundle.

8. Free Upgrades for Lifetime to each and every Product included in the Ultimate Retail Success ToolKit


Bonus #1. A one hour conversation and consultation with DMSRetail experts, scheduled in advance, to answer any of your questions regarding implementation of the materials you get with the Ultimate Retail Success Collection, or any retail issue you might want to discuss.

Bonus #2. DMSRetail QR Code Generator Software

And for some interesting, thought provoking and enlightening reading we have…

Bonus #3. A collection of DMSRetail’s Success Tips and essays on various retail topics.

For years, we’ve been writing articles, reporting on Retail Operations Best Practices, publishing Success Tips, etc. Now, we’re putting them together for you – the Ultimate Retail Success Collection customer.

Bonus #4. Free product updates lifetime. As you may already know, we update our products regularly and as an Ultimate Retail Success Collection Investor, you will be eligible for free upgrades lifetime.

Bonus #5. 50% off of Registration Fee of any of our Workshops. We hold workshops on various retail management topics around the world on a consistent basis. For details please refer to the navigation panel on top of the page under Workshops heading.

Risk Free: Take one FULL YEAR to implement and use the Ultimate Retail Success Collection. That's right. You have 365 days to put this valuable resource to work for you and your business. If you don’t think this Collection has paid for itself several times over, just ask for a refund, no questions asked.

Let's recap the $ value you are getting with these 6 Retail Success Tools and Bonuses:

Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course: $997

Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study Course: $1,297

Retail District Management YourTime Study Course: $497

Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course: $397

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course: $197

Super Retail Success Bundle: $297

Personal Development Guides: $125.65

Bonus # 1: One Hour Consultation: $300

Bonus # 2: DMSRetail QR Code Generator Software: $19.95

Bonus # 3: Retail Success Tips & Essays: $99.95

Bonus # 4: Lifetime Product Upgrades: Priceless

Bonus #5: 50% OFF of Workshops: Anywhere from $250 to $3,337.50 depending on how many workshops you attend.

= Total Value (Minimum): $4,477.55+

SAVE $1,480.55 Now!

The Ultimate Retail Success Collection

Only $2,497 (FREE Shipping)


6 Monthly Payments of $447 (FREE Shipping)


You Can order the Digital Version below to Save Even More!

(Everything will be sent to your computer)

The Ultimate Retail Success Collection

Digital Version

Only $1,497

Digital Version Payment Plan

4 Monthly Payments of $397


An Important Note - If You're Still Undecided

Even though we, at DMSRetail, know the Ultimate Retail Success Collection is a very powerful product, and we know our customers love it, marketing experts say that there are still quite a few people who will not buy it. And that's fair enough - we completely understand that some people just don't want it.

But, we got to thinking that, a product like this would be so beneficial and would give the buyer such a tremendous advantage, that it just didn't seem right to let them miss out without first making sure that all their questions were answered and possible concerns put to rest.

We know how much the owners of the Ultimate Retail Success Collection benefit from it. They send us emails telling us how much they like it and how much they've learned. And we just can't stand the thought of anyone passing on the Ultimate Retail Success ToolKit because of something we forgot to explain.

So, we came up with some possible reasons why someone working in the retail industry, or someone supplying the retail industry, might say "no" to the Ultimate Retail Success Collection.

Here they are...

#1 - Price

We thought some people may think the price was too high for their budget - or maybe just too high in general whether they have the budget for it or not. Perhaps they would object to spending the money in case they didn't see a return on their investment. Or perhaps they didn't want to spend the money in one lump sum.

Well, first of all, we offer a better than risk free, 100% money back guarantee so no one needs to worry about not receiving the value they paid for. And we can offer that guarantee because we are so sure you will gain a lot of great information to make your business more profitable. But even if you picked up just a couple of ideas that increased your revenue and profits - which you definitely will - you will realize a return on your investment of 100% and probably much more. The price for the Ultimate Retail Success ToolKit is a steal compared to what we sell the Workshops, Self Study Courses, Success Guides, DVD's and Tools for individually. And then there are the excellent bonuses. All things considered, the price is actually low compared to the return on investment.

And, we have payment plans available on this page above.

#2 - Downloads

Although the downloads are economical and environmentally friendly and can be saved to your computer for viewing and printing at your leisure, we get it that not everyone is comfortable with this type of product. And that's precisely why we also offer the Ultimate Retail Success Collection in printed format. It's one of the options available on this page.

#3 - Too much to read and absorb

By our own admission, there is a lot of information in the Collection and some people may think there would be too much reading to fit into their busy schedules, particularly if the reading is boring theoretical stuff.

Here's the good news on that.

The content is easy to follow and very practical. Every one of them was created based on our own experiences - about 135 years worth! You absolutely will not find boring theory. You will find practical information, and practical advice, techniques, methods and tools, that you can put to good use immediately. The time you spend absorbing and implementing the information in the Ultimate Retail Success Collection is an investment in your business; an investment in sales and profit generation; and it's time very well spent on personal and professional development. 

#4 - Trust

DMSRetail has been in business since 1991 and on the web since 2003. We have sold thousands of Retail Success Tools, Workshops, Success Guides, Self Study Courses and DVD's to people all over the world. We get lots of extremely positive feedback from our customers and many of them are loyal customers who buy from us over and over again and refer their friends and colleagues to our site. We have a large list of subscribers to our free newsletter, RetailWise and that list is growing every day. We are an organization that is trusted by our customers, subscribers and business partners.

 And our contact numbers and email addresses are easy to find on the site so you can contact us at any time.

#5 - What happens if I lose the files?

You contact us and we'll send you a new set.

OK, there you have it. We honestly can't think of any other reasons why anyone in retail would not want to purchase the Ultimate Retail Success Collection. However, if you have a question that we can answer for you just send an email to info@dmsretail.com

Once you've seen the ULTIMATE RETAIL SUCCESS COLLECTION ... once you've experienced how much more powerful your retail management becomes as a result of the techniques you'll discover... once you've savored the glory of the increase in performance you'll enjoy by implementing some of the amazingly effective Retail Management ideas it contains, you'll be very glad you own it.

Become more knowledgeable, more aware, more informed and more successful. Improve all of your KPI's and not only meet, but exceed, those sales and profit targets.


To Your Success!

DMSRetail Team

PS. You are definitely going to find many insights along with winning, practical advice in this retail success enabler. Don't put it off, order it now. The sooner you start implementing what you learn from the Ultimate Retail Success Collection, the sooner you'll see the results and reap the rewards.


"The price of education is paid just once. The price of ignorance is paid forever!Anonymous

*ROI calculation is dependent on the individual implementing the ideas, techniques and methods and can vary considerably.


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