DMSRetail can help your company or career in retail management in one or more ways as listed below:

1. Consulting services will diagnose what can and may be improved in your operation to further sales, customer experience and ultimately profits.

2. Through products and services like workshops, courses, success guides and tools, we can help elevate the knowledge level and expertise of your staff.

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DMSRetail  is in the business of Making Retailers Successful through an enhanced set of  capabilities. These include, but are not limited to:

Developing Competent Retail Leaders

Delighting Customers

Maximizing Employee Engagement

Sales Effectiveness

Leading Edge Technology

Installing Performance Culture

Targeting through BI Technology


DMSRetail was founded in 1991 to increase awareness towards better customer service and employee satisfaction and using the resulting synergy to improve revenues and profits.

Through meticulously designed products and services, DMSRetail makes a positive impact on the operations of retailers spanning diverse product lines and various formats.

Our products and services were designed by retail experts. Their experience on the sales floor, at store and district/region management levels and as members of the executive teams for a number of different prominent retail companies…from electronics to ladies fashions to computer hardware and confections…has provided them with an immense amount of knowledge and expertise in the retail management field.

DMSRetail focuses on increasing the effectiveness of retail management personnel with practical success guides, cutting edge training, the best utilization of retail technology and solid results management strategies.


Our mission is to elevate retail businesses to the next level one business at a time.

We believe we have the right resources and technology to do so and it comes to us natural that any retail business looking for an alternative perspective should get one or two…

We believe we can eliminate the existing malaise in retail business of job dissatisfaction, lack of recognition of retail vocation as a professional occupation and the general desire of retail employees to flea their jobs at their first opportunity.We also believe that the shortest path to success is through high performance, which will create the necessary environment.

Our values are old school. Starts with hard work, honesty, integrity and respect for each other.

Professionally, we believe that we all have to be at the cutting edge of developments in our selected fields, while maintaining the proven principles of the past performance.We create the synergy out of old and new.


Our mission is to help retailers delight their customers while increasing profits and employee engagement.

We are dedicated to being the leading Consultants & Trainers providing maximum return on our customers' investment.

We will earn the loyalty of our customers by consistently exceeding their expectations and delivering the best results.

Our actions will create a sense of pride and long term commitment for everyone associated with DMSRetail.