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DMSRetail is a leading retail management consulting, training and services company.

DMSRetail is a retail success company helping retailers achieve their goals and objectives through powerful, proprietary performance systems.

DMSRetail.com offers information, Success Guides, Training Workshops, Courses, Tips, Articles, Software, and Advice about retail management to help you become more successful.



It's a 2-Day Advanced Selling Workshop called 'Magnetic Selling for Luxury Retailers' and it's going to make the difference between average, or even good results and FANTASTIC results. There is so much great new stuff in this workshop; things that sales floor level rarely ever get exposed to.

Magnetic Selling for Luxury Retailers


'Magnetic Selling for Luxury Retailers' looks at luxury retail selling in a whole new way; with powerful innovative content like new rapport building techniques, mental preparedness and much, much more.

'Magnetic Selling for Luxury Retailers' is new, different, exciting...ground breaking. This is your opportunity to get in on the action and learn how these amazing techniques can be used to delight your luxury customer.

Learn how to ensure that your customer's expectations are exceeded by leaps and bounds. Keep them coming back to you more often to buy more of what you have to offer.

Your luxury customers will enjoy their shopping experience and their interactions with your Associates more than ever before.


Here's a sample...just ten of the things we cover in


Magnetic Selling for Luxury Retailers

1. The Power of One

2. Swish Pattern

3. Feedback Sandwich

4. Verbal Bridges


6. Motives & Personality

7. Patterns and Metaphors

8. Transfer of Emotion

9. 90/10 Rule

10. Triangle of Success

This Program includes extensive use of valuable learning exercises to reinforce learning and to promote strong understanding of program material to ensure Participants have the ability to get maximum benefit from the program, following the training session. These exercises include, but are not limited to…

 The Power of One

 Goal Setting

 Limiting Beliefs

 Changing the Picture

 Building Rapport

 Cause and Effect

 Feedback Sandwich

 Swish Pattern

 Identifying your Pattern and Personality

Register Here!

Magnetic Selling for Luxury Retailers

Advanced Retail Sales & Customer Experience Skills for Front Line Personnel

Individual Rate - Only $995

Group Rate - Only $895

(Minimum 3 Participants from the Same Company)

Contact us, for Instructor Bios, at [email protected] Quotes for in house training sessions are available upon request. Some customization included. Please send an email to Josephine Hill: [email protected] stating the number of individuals you would like trained.

Magnetic Selling


Luxury Retailers