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DMSRetail is a leading retail management consulting, training and services company.

Our focus is to improve the performance of retail companies through better leadership, performance systems and technology.

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Retail Management Success

Growth requires that certain systems, processes and procedures be in place and working well.

We're not talking about red-tape and bureaucratic hold ups. There is no room for any of that in a fast moving, successful retail operation.

We're talking about the disciplines, the principles, the consistency, the fairness and reward systems. We're talking about performance management that works instead of fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants coaching and employee evaluations.

Your own attitude and enthusiasm can certainly take you a long way, but skills and a workable organizational structure are needed if you want to enjoy successful growth.

For starters, you have to think about the people who are going to be managing and working in your next store and the ones after that. You can't just get Aunt Mary to look after the shop. You need well trained, business oriented people who bring a rich and varied skill set to the table.

As your chain grows, things can't operate the way they did when you opened your first store. That store was all about you and what your vision was. You were right there, hands on, doing everything and probably loving it. You handled everything that cropped up.

And, if you're in a financial position to open more stores, then maybe you did a fabulous job with store number one. Still, number two will present you with different challenges that you need to be prepared for.

No matter how hard you work, you still can't be in more than one place at a time.

Of course, you have choices. You either work yourself to the point of exhaustion, which you might be willing to do but it would prove to be the wrong thing for the business because now you are not even thinking straight about the first store anymore.

Or, you prepare for growth starting now. You try some different things to see how they work and you seek every bit of advice, information and intelligence you can get your hands on.

You won't be able to avoid the pitfalls of growth without the required preparation. And, for that, you need to get hold of serious retail management resources.

We have those. Lots of those ...available in every format for your convenience.

Below, we spell out the products, services, systems and advice you get access to for just $97/month. Properly implemented and followed, they will make you a successful chain store owner...if that's what you desire.

It will still be hard work, its retail after all. But, your chances of positive outcomes increases by a huge percentage if you're taking advantage of our experience and resources.

Go from one to many. And get each store contributing with a nice bottom line. Our brand of information and training is what you need to get the best return on every investment you make in stores.

Getting ready is a big part of the battle. The Retail Business Academy will prepare you for your next steps.

You have access 24/7...at your leisure. And, of course, you can cancel your membership in the Retail Business Academy at any time.

Let's get started. You need everything you're going to see from here on down.

Here's the long list of everything you can access with your $97/month Platinum Private Membership in the Retail Business Academy.

First, let us tell you that absolutely everything that DMSRetail offers for sale, is included in the Retail Business Academy. Plus, there are many more products included that are not available for sale anywhere.

And, we're growing it every day making your Platinum Private Membership more and more valuable. We're working day and night to get new stuff uploaded for you.

Hard to believe, we know. That's why we're actually going to spell it all out.


You're going to have access to a wealth of different things, such as...

Now, for the specifics of what you'll have access to when you become a Platinum Private Member.

Success Guides & Tools

Self-Study Courses


Reports and Forms

Sales & Marketing

Compensation Plans - DMSRetail Proprietary Pay for Performance

Inspirational Guidance


**DMSRetail holds Webinars on a regular basis and we post them to Retail Business Academy within hours. With your Platinum Private Membership you don't have to sign up and/or pay. You avoid time zone issues and scheduling conflicts because, at your convenience, you just go to the Retail Business Academy and watch/listen to the webinar.

People Development

Additional Platinum Private Membership Benefits

All of this is being brought to you by DMSRetail - a company that has been in business since 1991; on the web since 2003.

So, check out this link to the Retail Business Academy. You won't regret having your own Platinum Private Membership.

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